Excuse our mess as we alchemize into a new version!

About Us

Sweet Retreat was created in 2018 by Katie Voyles. It all started with a simple sugar scrub that she created as a party favor for her bridal shower, and soon grew into a bigger concept as herbs and essential oils began to play a major role in her life. 

Not long after her wedding, Katie developed a passion for researching and learning about plant based options for emotional and physical health support. Prior to using essential oils, she had suffered from allergies, sinus infections, stomach troubles and severe anxiety. The more Katie incorporated essential oils into her daily habits, the more she saw herself become well. This is a powerful feeling and something Katie felt called to share with you. 

Each blend and product is carefully created to support a specific emotional or physical need. Katie can also create custom products for any customer with needs outside of the products available. 

Creating the blends and the scrubs was the easy part for her, but naming this shop had Katie stumped for weeks. Each name she “tried-on” did not feel like her, and she wanted her vision and compassion for helping others to feel authentic and real. About 10 years ago, Katie's family owned an ice cream shop in the little town where they lived. She kept coming back to the legacy her parents had built, and the place of community they all loved to share. It was only fitting that Katie adopted Sweet Retreat, the name of her family’s ice cream parlor, for her own shop name. 

Katie's dream is that Sweet Retreat Alchemy becomes a community of people who desire to heal their minds and bodies with the most powerful plant resources available. 


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