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Little Pops of Color

Little pops of color. That is what we need this time of year, when the trees are still so bare and the skies are more often grey than blue. Little pops of reds and pinks even purples and golds to remind us that spring is around the corner and like nature we too will emerge from hibernation. Valentine’s is a celebration of love, but more than romance love, it is a love for friends, for family, and most importantly yourself. 

This is what I had in mind while creating the blend, Love & Kisses. I wanted something that would bring out the love- that self acceptance love. As I move through life, I am learning that loving a partner or a friend involves an equal amount of self love in the relationship. 

Geranium is a lovely floral aroma that encourages love, empathy, and helps to restore the heart. Tangerine brings about spontaneity and creativity when inhaled. Pink Pepper is a unique aroma that moves energy through the heart space and enhances the awareness and love for self. When inhaled, Rosemary assists in feeling confident and rooting in true knowledge. Ylang Ylang is the oil of the inner child and assists in releasing emotional trauma and allowing a full range of emotions into the heart. 

The sun is slowly beginning to set later and later in the evening, which sparks some excitement for me. I love a transition, especially a slow and supported one. I am grateful to our plant allies that provide their essence and aromas in such a supportive way. I hope that you will find some fun pops of color this February and deepen your love for yourself in this slow flow into the season of spring.                                                                           

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